BTA- Tournament Director


Position Title: Tournament Director – Local League Coordinator 

Goal of Position:

Coordinate all aspects associated with holding a tennis tournament. Make a budget and

stay within it.

Responsibilities of position:

I.) Publicize the tournament on the web, around town, and tennis facilities.

2.) Update entry form i.e. cost, date, and deadline. And post draws

3.) Order balls, T-shirts, and food. And keep facility clean.

4.) Handle Tournament Desk.

5.) Be a positive ambassador of tennis


1.) Good organizational skills

2.) Tennis draw knowledge

3.) Budget planning ability

Time frame:

1.) Two months prior to tournament to begin the process

2.) Two hours a week until the week of tournament and then all consuming hours


1.) Showing off Bainbridge facilities

2.) Identifying workers and placing them in the right positions

3.) Putting tennis in the spotlight

4.) Working with other tennis players to accomplish a successful tournament

Staff contact: Bainbridge Tennis Director and BTA