To promote and develop the growth of tennis in southwest Georgia.


To provide a full range of tennis activities that enhance people’s lives in the southwest area of Georgia


  1. Excellence-Committed to promotion and development of tennis as an enjoyable, lifetime sport that contributes to good health, character and responsible citizenship.
  2. Diversity-Committed to all people playing, watching and supporting tennis in southwest Georgia communities
  3. Teamwork-BTA achieve its mission through the efforts of volunteers, staff, and community partners working as a team.
  4. Accountability/Evaluation-Promoting the financial well being of the BTA and the evaluation of progress toward achievement of stated goals and objectives.

The Bainbridge Tennis Association (BTA) functions as a support and promotional arm for the programs offered by the City of Bainbridge’s Tennis Director. As a full service Community Tennis Association(CTA), the BTA’s mission is to promote and develop the growth of tennis in Bainbridge and the surrounding area.

The BTA’s vision is to offer a full range of tennis activities that would enhance the lives of those living in the Bainbridge area.

The goals of the BTA are as follows:

  1. Enhance the organization through helping to provide customer service.
  2. Assist in increasing participation in all tennis programs.
  3. Support recreational and competitive tennis programs and events.
  4. Promote awareness of tennis programs, events and activities at the center.
  5. Stay educated with current tennis developments of new leagues, new tennis opportunities and new methods of communication.
  6. Support the Bainbridge Tennis director and the City of Bainbridge Tennis programs.
  7. Volunteer time and talents to the City Tennis Programs as captains, coordinators, BTA board members, clinic organizers, social organizers, junior team captains, umpires, referees and promoters of the game of tennis.

The BTA is proud of its past history with the City of Bainbridge.  We feel confident as we move forward that tennis will remain an avid sport for the residents of Bainbridge and the surrounding area.  Bainbridge will continue to be an epicenter for juniors and adults.


BTA Board of Directors

Executive committee-Officers


  •  – JTT
  •  – League
  •  – Community Development
  •  – Budget and Finance
  •  – Marketing
  •  – Tournament Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Directors

President– Shall be the chief elected officer of the Association and serve as a non-voting ex-officia member of all committees.  He/She will exercise personal leadership in the motivation of other officers, board members, committee chairs, and membership.

Vice-President– Shall assist the President in the performance of duties and shall exercise all the powers of the President in the case of absence, resignation, removal, incapacity or death.

Secretary-Shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties.  He/she is the official “keeper of the records” and is responsible for recording the minutes of all Board meetings as well as other duties as outlined in the bylaws.

Treasurer-Shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties.  He/she serves as the “keeper of the check book” and ensures the integrity of the fiscal affairs of the BTA.

Board Members-Responsibilities are assigned to Board Members according to their interests and with the intention of covering all the areas of  tennis since we are an all functioning CTA offering a wide range of programs to the Bainbridge and southwest Georgia  communities.


Committees are formed by the President with the assistance of the Executive Director  and Tennis Director.  These committees are Junior Team Tennis, Adult League, Community Development , Budget and Finance, and Marketing.  Other ad hoc committees are formed according to the needs of the BTA.

Board /Staff Relations

The Board and Executive Director work as partners.  This partnership is essential for achieving the mission, vision and goals of the BTA. The role of the Board is that of governance and leadership, setting a course for the future, and monitoring progress.  The role of the staff is that of management, executing current programs, and tending to the ongoing administrative needs.  Together they advance the cause of the organization.

Click this link to view the BTA By-Laws.-